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DNV-GL Healthcare ISO 9001 Training Solutions

DNV-GL Training with Protos Solution Offers Exceptional ISO 9001 Service and Price Through the End of 2017

Making a decision for training or consulting provider can be overwhelming.  Protos Solution will give hospitals a clear choice in affordable and exceptional healthcare training.

DNV-GL Healthcare ISO 9001 Training Solutions

DNV-GL introduced ISO 9001 to healthcare along with Protos founder William Metzcar. This included the need for training, where DNV-GL turned to William Metzcar to provide the “First Solution”.  The Protos Solution’s team has been supporting DNV-GL since before deeming authority was achieved. We continue to remain in step and support of DNV-GL with our consulting and training solutions.

Affordable Care Act

Through the Affordable Care Act our nation’s leadership has intended for everyone to have access to healthcare. Working with that same theme, Protos Solution desires for every hospital to have access to affordable ISO 9001 training and consulting services. Our services are built on the original foundation of the healthcare training and infused with innovation. With over 30 years of individual experience in quality management, Protos founder William Metzcar has created new concepts available only through Protos Solution. These solutions and innovations have been validated by DNV-GL through annual surveys with our clients!

Innovation and Improvement

With more than 30 years of experience in quality management, our training is innovative. Protos offers the only solution for “Lean Risk Based Thinking“.  This approach brings alignment between the dynamic environment of healthcare and the ISO 9001 management system. Our training creates the only solution offering a true preventative oriented approach to management.


The great quality leader Edwards Deming desired to share his message to promote social improvement. Protos Solution continues this mission as we desire to share our unique and innovative solutions. The “First Solution” for the hospital, the patient and social improvement with exceptional DNV-GL survey results!

Protos training and consulting services are competitively priced. As we approach the end of 2017 and budgets are being created, Protos is offering an exceptional discount. For any service contracted in 2017 for delivery in 2018, Protos is offering a 20% Discount. This offer continues through the end of 2017. Simply submit an inquiry form using the following link and receive a response the same day:

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William J. Metzcar
William J. Metzcar
Founder & CEO

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